Dental Insurance

At our Urban Smiles Colwood dental clinic in Colwood we offer direct billing to most dental insurance plans within BC.

Your dental insurance plan coverage is part of your benefits plan. It’s not based on your (or your family’s) dental care needs. Every dental plan is different. Coverage varies based on what services are covered in the contract; percentage of fees covered for each service; and yearly maximums. It is the plan purchaser, such as your union or employer, who determines what’s covered when they purchase your plan. As your dentist, we have no say in what your plan covers or doesn’t cover. Our responsibility is to recommend and give you the care you need. These things may be covered by your plan, or they may not.

Patients of Urban Smiles Colwood are fully responsible for all charges on the their account as services are rendered. We always do our best to provide accurate estimates prior to embarking on treatment. It is important to remember that while we are happy to help you navigate your dental plan to the best of our ability- you are responsible for any charges your insurance doesn’t assist with.

While our office is familiar with many dental benefit plans, we are not insurance experts. Urban Smiles is a third party to dental insurance plans – we will always do our best to utilize your coverage in the most effective way for you however, due to this, we are not always able to determine the specific rules and limitations set on each individual plan. We as dental clinicians do not treatment plan to your insurance but to your specific, unique dental needs.