Emergency Dentist

Our emergency dentist is ready to accommodate your needs, whenever you are in need. At Urban Smiles, we can help you temporarily alleviate your dental discomforts and help create an extensive treatment plan to get your smile back to normal.

Dental Emergencies are never planned, or convenient. These emergencies can happen suddenly and without warning – rapid treatment improves your chances of saving injured or damaged teeth. It is important that you to call us as soon as possible, so we can begin treating the problem, and avoid potential long term damage.

While types of dental emergencies can vary, these are the most common that our patients experience:

• Persistent toothache
• Chipped, broken, loose, knocked out teeth
• Sharp objects caught between teeth
• Lost filling, crown, or bridge
• Abscesses
• Soft tissue injury (gums, tongue, cheeks, lips).

If you or a family member are in need of immediate medical attention, don’t hesitate to call for emergency dental services at Urban Smiles Victoria.