Trauma-Informed Treatment

At Urban Smiles Colwood, we are proud to practice Trauma-Informed Treatment. 

Adopting this approach takes more than a particular technique or checklist. Instead, it requires continual attention to detail, caring awareness, sensitivity, and empathy.

There are five primary principles for trauma-informed care. These include:

• Safety
• Transparency/Trustworthiness
• Choice
• Collaboration & Mutuality
• Empowerment


This includes creating spaces where people feel culturally, emotionally and physically safe as well as an awareness of an individual’s discomfort or unease. At Urban Smiles Colville, we aim to go above and beyond to provide a safe space for all of our patients so that there are no barriers to providing the best dental treatment that we can.


We strive to be as transparent with our patients as possible. Throughout the entirety of your treatment, we will ensure that we are respectful and maintain professional boundaries. Our team will carefully walk you through every procedure and answer any questions that may arise.


We hope for all of our patients to feel a sense of control over their choices when they visit our office. We do our best to provide you with all of the information that you need in order to make a clear choice about your dental treatment, no matter how small. Only once our patients have all of the information available to them, do we begin treatment.

Collaboration & Mutuality

Collaboration is an important feature of trauma-informed care. With collaboration, we create an environment that fosters respect, dignity, and efficacy. Once you step into our office, you become a member of our team and we will work together to meet every patient’s individual needs.


At Urban Smiles Colville we work hard to create an atmosphere where each patient feels validated and that their voice is heard by our team.