For the Anxious Patient

Are you avoiding the dental care you need because visiting the dentist makes you anxious or concerned? You’re not alone. Many people fear visiting the dentist and we believe that it’s our job to alleviate those fears and make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. Sedation dentistry is a great way to have a more relaxing experience.

A stress-free and even enjoyable experience really is our aim at Urban Smiles. We want you to visit regularly and we do all we can to ensure your comfort, regardless of the procedure. In addition to the technology and sedation options, we offer:

  • Anesthetic for cleanings if necessary
  • TVs for distraction and education
  • Full body massage chair prior to relax you prior to treatment

Sedation Dentistry

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Am I a candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Whether you have strong gag reflex, anxiety, or would like to complete multiple treatments in one visit, sedation dentistry at Urban Smiles Colwood may be the answer to ensure that your emotional & physical comfort is taken care of while we care for your teeth.

What are the options for Dental Sedation at Urban Smiles Colwood?

Oral (pharmacological) sedation is the most common and inexpensive form of dental sedation. Oral medication puts patients at ease but not to sleep. Many patients often do not recall the smells, noises or lights associated with the treatment. Depending on the dosage, patients may need to arrange for a safe ride home.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) has become the preferred method of sedation in dentistry. It is safe and easily administered through a nose mask throughout the procedure, leaving the patient less aware of pain and less anxious, while still being able to interact with the dental team. It requires little set-up, works very rapidly, and leaves the system quickly, allowing patients to drive and function almost immediately.



Modern Dental Technologies

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Our dental clinic in Colwood BC uses modern dental technology to elevate our techniques to the highest possible level. 

The dentists at Urban Smiles Colwood pride themselves on searching for emerging dental technologies that enhance patient comfort and make anxious patients feel more relaxed during their visits.

Carivu Diagnostic Technology

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How can our Colwood Dentists spot tooth decay earlier without pain and without radiation using CariVu Diagnostic Technology?

At our Colwood dental clinic we feel it’s important to invest in technology when it truly benefits our patients, so we’ve added DEXIS CariVu Dental Explorer Technology to our dental practice.

CariVu is a modern diagnostic tool that lets us see into your teeth like never before to find cavities, decay, and cracks. The device uses safe, near-infrared transillumination technology and zero ionizing radiation.

What are the Benefits of CariVu Diagnostic Technology?

Easy and Painless – Flexible arms gently hug your tooth and bathe it in light. This gives the tooth
a translucent appearance that allows us to see into it. A built-in camera captures video and

Early Detection – CariVu has been show to reveal cavities earlier than X-ray and is 99% accurate
in finding decay between teeth. It also reveals cracks.

Zero Radiation – This exam is good for all patients and is especially beneficial for kids, pregnant
women, and others who want are X-ray adverse. Since it uses no ionizing radiation, it can be
used as often as needed.

I’ll Show You What I See – The pictures can be screen-shared with you at a large size. This
visualization can help provide insight into your condition and provide you with a better
understanding of the recommended treatment plan.

Ongoing Record – We keep an image history of your teeth so we can compare images from
visit-to-visit and monitor changes over time.

We look forward to your next visit to Urban Smiles Colwood and providing you with your first CariVu Exam.

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THE WAND Technology

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Is THE WAND Technology an Alternative to Dental Needles?

Urban Smiles Colwood is proud to offer The WAND Technology – a computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system that helps overcome fear, pain and anxiety.

Anesthesia is an important tool in dentistry. It allows us to perform a wide variety of different procedures in a safe, effective manner while you remain comfortable and do not feel any pain. However, to receive a local anesthetic, it needs to be injected into your mouth.

For patients with a phobia of needles, this can be a frightening prospect. At Urban Smiles Colwood we can help you to get the anesthesia you need for your procedures with a new dental technology called THE WAND.

What is THE WAND Technology?

THE WAND is a state of the art technology used to administer local anesthesia. It is a computer-assisted system that guides us to perform dental injections. THE WAND looks like a small pen with a cord attached to a base. At the very tip of the wand is a needle that is used to deliver your anesthesia. It uses Dynamic Pressure Sensing, or DPS, a patented technology that enables virtually painless anesthesia and ensures that optimal needle positioning is maintained at all times. Flow rates of anesthesia, as well as the pressure, are computer regulated and has three flow rates that are tailored for each type of injection.

How does THE WAND Technology Work?

With THE WAND Technology, anesthesia is administered through the pen like handpiece, rather than a traditional syringe. Before the actual insertion of the needle, the computer that THE WAND is attached to applies a small amount of topical anesthetic. This numbs the injection site so that you do not feel the needle being inserted into the skin.

After inserting the needle, the computer delivers the right amount of anesthesia to ensure your comfort during your procedure. A microprocessor inside of the computer adjusts injection pressure automatically depending upon the density of your tissues so that the anesthesia can be injected consistently, rather than too quickly.

What are the Benefits of THE WAND Technology?

THE WAND Technology provides many benefits. These include:

• Greater comfort. THE WAND Technology applies a topical anesthetic before inserting the needle to reduce injection pain.
• Consistent flow of anesthesia. The speed at which your anesthesia is administered is controlled, preventing it from being injected too quickly.
• Elimination of collateral numbness. Only the areas to be treated are numbed, rather than the treatment area and those areas surrounding it. You can go straight back to work or school without having to deal with a completely numb jaw or face.
• The ability to be used in conjunction with other forms of conscious sedation, such as nitrous oxide.
• Reduced patient anxiety. THE WAND looks less threatening and can help to reduce anxiety or fear about having an anesthetic injected.
• Greater patient satisfaction.

THE WAND Technology also provides us with a few benefits as well:

• The pen-like grasp and lightweight feel make THE WAND easier to handle and rotate. We are even able to more easily reach harder to access areas.
• We can more easily glide the needle into your tissue.
• With a more rapid onset of anesthesia, we can start your procedure more quickly.

THE WAND device itself is designed with patient comfort in mind. It’s made of low-profile materials that bear little resemblance to the large, elongated anesthetic needles of yesteryear. The result is a smoother, simpler, more comfortable experience for everyone involved. With THE WAND Technology, we can provide you with the anesthesia you need in a safe, comfortable manner.